Gulf Coast Community Health Services, Inc. provides services to meet current and future needs. Our professional staff strictly adheres to the guidelines of professional and regulatory standards to guarantee that our patients or clients receive consistent, high quality care and services. We provide our staff with in-service educational programs to ensure that our home care professionals not only serve but enhance our reputation for quality services.

Our approach to patient services is based on our philosophy that the health needs of a client should be placed within the framework of the client’s family and their needs. Most people wish for themselves and their loved ones the greatest degree of independence, security and comfort for the longest time possible. But when illness or disability strikes, those vitally important values can be threatened. Because having a family member with health problems in the home can be extremely stressful, our case management focuses on assisting the client and his/her family in preserving privacy, space and resources. Under the supervision of their physician, clients can continue to receive quality medical treatments and still enjoy the comfort and security of their home.

Gulf Coast Community Health Services, Inc. has been dedicated to quality home health care since 1997.